Around the bar and back again – A road trip through Germany and Austria

Around the bar and back again – A road trip through Germany and Austria

This is a bit of a new type of post, one all about my travels. This is going to be a little bit different to the other type of content that I’ve been posting on the blog for the last 12 months as this is going to be a very personal type of post. All about what I got up to, what I saw and the adventures along the way.

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The One Big Secret That Nobody Is Telling You About Tinder

The One Big Secret That Nobody Is Telling You About Tinder

This title isn’t clickbait, it’s actually something that I discovered early on in the dating app scene. It seemed to take everyone else I knew a long time to figure it out.

But first, let’s talk about the real truth out there for most guys.

Most guys are scared to death of women

Now I’m not talking about running the opposite direction down the street if you see the girl from work you’ve been crushing on (although I did see this with a guy from my work, not exactly Mr Smooth). I’m talking about being scared of what the outcome of speaking to a girl can be.

Let’s take Tinder as a nice example. Picture the situation: You’ve got back from a heavy week at work. Your buddies are coming over for a beer since it’s a Friday. After a shower you jump onto Tinder, hoping for an easy hook up for the weekend.

Oh shit.

You come across a ton of hot girls and, since you’ve boosted your profile, you match with about five girls in your first 10 minutes. (Seriously, who doesn’t use the Tinder Pro features, they are insane).

Paralysis sets in.

So awesome, you got a bunch of hot girls to swipe on your profile, but what now? These girls are way too hot to be interested in a dude like you. That girl has 2000 Instagram followers, that chick has 20 mutual friends with you. Jesus, does she know who you are already?

Many of us will have these doubts in these situations but there are a few simple facts we need to consider.

Tinder facts to consider

Tinder facts to consider

Analyse the situation and act accordingly

What I’m talking about here are priorities. Just like how the girls at the bar can seemingly be interested you in one moment and then in the next walking off in the direction of a different man, the same rules apply when it comes to dating apps. Women often have the same assumptions as men when it comes to dating apps, it’s up to us to help them reach the same conclusion.

What I’m talking about here is priorities and keeping interest. It’s the same as when at a bar.

When swiping consider this:

Instant pop-ups are the girl from last night

You need to think logically in these situations. If you’ve swiped a girl and she instantly pops up as ‘this girl likes you back’ then guess what, she liked you before you got onto your app. These girls are what I would consider second on your priority list right now… stick with me on this.

Pop-ups a minute later, that girl is swiping right now

Now you’re swiping through Tinder and in the next minute or so it pops up again. Then you have a match, those girls right there are your number one priority. Why? That girl is online right now, and she has swiped you in the last minute.

Why is it important she swiped me right now?

Because that means she is in the same position as you. She’s finished work, she’s gearing up for the weekend and she’s swiping guys on Tinder. She’s interested in meeting up with a guy, and you got the green light my friend!

Use the tools Tinder has to improve your odds

Many of the people I speak to consider using Tinder’s upgraded features as cheating, personally I see them as improving your odds.

No, I’m not talking about super-liking. Girls find that creepy as hell. For the love of god do not super-like. Your only excuse is if it’s some hot as hell 38-year-old who has no idea how Tinder works. Then she might think you’re picking her out from the crowd.

Boost your way to the top

Use tinder boost to get to the top

Boosting works by putting you in the front of the queue when it comes to girls swiping. The girls who are swiping on a Friday or Saturday night are the girls you want to be matching.

When your profile is the first that comes up for every girl that you are swiping in that 30 minute period, you are going to feel like Casanova. But don’t get ahead of yourself. Yes, they’ve liked your profile but now it’s up to you to make an impact with that girl.

If you want to improve your odds of effective matching, make sure your profile is up to scratch. That means no embarrassing or cringe-worthy information in your bio. My advice?

Keep it fun, short and sweet. It’s also great to put something relatable in there that a girl can comment on. A great bio I saw on my friend’s profile was ‘I’m outdoorsy in the sense that I like to get drunk in beer gardens’.

Time to share the big secret…

Tinder App Logo

So you’ve managed to match with some hot women. You’ve established the ones who are online right now. You’ve also identified the ones who have swiped you from the night before or even earlier (it all depends on how often you’re using Tinder, no doubt every waking minute).

But now, the clock is ticking and you need to start speaking to these girls) assuming they haven’t spoken to you first). Hint: The really great girls always wait for you to speak to them first, better brush up on your opening game.

So what is this big secret that nobody is telling you with Tinder?

The big secret with Tinder is that the girl is already interested in you. Let that sink in for a second.

She is already interested in you.

Assuming she didn’t butt swipe you by accident, this girl has gone through a list of potential men she wants to hook up with. Out of all the eligible men to pick she picked you.

Let’s just compare that to a normal pick-up situation in a bar

In a bar, the women you approach, you have no idea if they have any interest in you. You might buy them a drink (amateur mistake, by the way, come-on dudes pick up a copy of The Game). You might spend 20 minutes in conversation with her and then find out she had a boyfriend or wasn’t interested in the first place.

On Tinder, you have some awesome news

  1. She’s single – I mean, she’s on a dating app so she at least wants you to think she’s single, so this is a pretty sure fire bet.
  2. If she’s swiping, she’s not only single, she’s actively looking – Yes, that’s right, this lady is on the prowl. She’s looking for a man and that man should be you.
  3. If she’s swiped on your profile, that means she’s into you – You got it. This girl must like your pictures, that heroic image of you saving your neighbours cat from the blaze next door. Maybe she digs your hilarious bio that you put up after reading this article. (No worries if you stole my buddies line, I’ll thank him for you later).

Time to take your new-found knowledge out into the world

Awesome news, that girl is into you. That means you can strap on your confidence boots and get involved in the conversation. All with the knowledge that this girl is already warmed up to you and all you have to do now is not fuck it up.

Just remember these important points before you delve into your next swipe session:

  • Analyse your situation – Decide if she’s online right now and swiping or if she swiped you the night before.
  • Use Tinder’s tools to your advantage – Boost your way to the front of the queue and quickly filter through who’s most likely to respond.
  • Remember The Big Tinder Secret – If she’s swiped you my friend, she is already interested in you. That’s a big go sign.

Make sure to share the secret or keep it to yourself.

Knowledge is power after all.